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Lucy Locket Land

Locket's Book & Craft Club 2024 -Book #1

Locket's Book & Craft Club 2024 -Book #1

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Expected Shipping week commencing 22nd January  

Locket's Book & Craft Club is continuing in 2024 so we can share our joint passions for reading and making.

Every two months or so there will be a new book recommendation and the opportunity to pre-order the special craft box that I have put together to go with the book and come to a special Knit Group/Book Club meeting either in person at Lucy Locket Land or virtually via Zoom.

Please note, you will need to have signed up for the Craft Box to come to the Book Group meetings

The Craft Boxes will vary and you will be given an indication of what type of project it will contain.  You can also choose to sign up for each one or just whichever takes your fancy - there's no tie-in.

My 1st book recommendation for 2024 is A Woman Made of Snow by Elisabeth Gifford, author of our first book of 2023, The Lost Lights of St Kilda.

This book contains a family mystery of a missing ancestor and moves between "present time" in the 1940s and the past in the 1800s and starts in Scotland but includes an epic trip to the Arctic - so the project will be something warm, but not made of furs!!

You can read it in any format you prefer - paperback, kindle, audio, library lend - whatever suits you and your lifestyle best.

This will be a knitting project OR a crochet project - you choose - both worked in the round 

The exact contents of the craft box are secret but will include 

  • Hand dyed Ultra Merino Aran wool
  • Extra pure wool - but I'm not telling you more than that
  • A printed pattern booklet 
  • A secret extra "something" that is connected to the story/project - but I'm not telling you that either
  • in a tissue-lined box
  • plus entry to the in-person or virtual Book Group Meeting in February (dates to be discussed and confirmed to suit as many of you as possible)

The book itself is not included so you can choose your preferred format

see below for the Amazon synopsis

Box numbers are limited and will hopefully be sent out during week commencing 22nd January or can be collected at the Book #1 Meet Up on 20th January

Caroline Gillan and her new husband Alasdair have moved back to Kelly Castle, his family estate in the wilds of Scotland. Stuck caring for their baby and trying to avoid her inscrutable mother-in-law, Caroline feels adrift and alone.

But while sorting through old papers, Caroline stumbles across a family secret which changes everything. There is one Gillan bride who has disappeared from history. No photos or records of her exist. The only certainty is that she had a legitimate child: Alasdair's grandmother.

As Caroline unearths a story of love and adventure that stretches as far as the Arctic circle, her curiosity about the missing bride turns into an obsession. And when a body is found in the grounds of the castle, Caroline begins an investigation which could alter the course of her life forever . . .

From the wilds of Scotland to the glaciers of the Arctic, A Woman Made of Snow is a mesmerising tale of how one woman's past might hold the key to another's future.


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