Hello and Welcome!


My name really is Lucy but my surname is sadly not actually "Locket" which I pinched from a traditonal nursery rhyme before I realised that she was a bit naughty!!

I live in the North East of England with my lovely family and adorable dogs and am the very proud owner of Lucy Locket Land which has now been open for five years!  

I got the keys to the shop on Saturday April 1st 2017 (April Fool's Day - an auspicious date for an impetuous decision!) and with help from a team of wonderful friends it was transformed from a hairdressers into a craft shop in time to open a day and a half later!

The idea to actually open a craft shop had only popped into my mind 3 weeks previously but it was a very good idea (in my opinion!) and although I had no money, no business plan and barely any stock it gradually grew into the overcrowded craft explosion that you now see!

The decision to open Lucy Locket Land came from a firm belief that crafting can be so very beneficial to our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

In the past I had suffered with very bad anxiety and depression for over 18 years and creativity was a lifeline for me. I realised that being able to hold something in my hands that I had made gave me a sense of self worth and achievement - even if it felt like everything else around me was falling apart. Through blogging I was able to share with others what I had been making and the feedback from strangers that quickly became friends was so beneficial when I was at rock bottom. 

So once I had defeated my illness (a hard, but successful battle)  I set about creating the kind of place I’d longed for when I was unwell - somewhere that was not only full of colour and crafting inspiration but also a place where I could sit and have a cup of tea, make friends and feel at home.

This is the essence of Lucy Locket Land - kindness and welcome - creating a strong sense of community and bringing all ages together to make a happy and safe creative haven, full of inspiration but most importantly friendship.

Along with a big smile and warm welcome you will discover that Lucy Locket Land is crammed full of beautiful natural fibre yarns, quirky knitting, crochet and stitching projects, locally produced ceramics and so much colour you'll need your sunglasses!

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