Collection: Locket's Year of Little Cotton Rabbits

Here it is! My brand new idea in collaboration with lovely Julie Williams, the designer of all the delightful Little Cotton Rabbits patterns. 

Each month during Locket’s Year of Little Cotton Rabbits I will choose one of Julie’s animal species and create some very unique kits.

They will be special because each of the animals will have a backstory and their own career or way of life - and it may not be what you might expect!  I foresee some interesting career paths for these characters with additional clothing and accessories to help them in their daily life!

Now because many of you will already have some of Julie’s patterns I will list these kits so that you only need to buy what you need and can exclude the patterns you already own. 

The kits will be limited in number and the yarns for their outfits will be my hand dyed mini skeins.  I will also be using new yarns or combinations for their bodies so you will not have made these particular animals before, even if you have had a kit from me in the past.

The kits will be available as a pre-order and although I will tell you which animal you will be making and what their particular character/role is, you won’t know everything until you open your box - so there will be an element of surprise to add to the fun.